Playseat® is the No.1 in racing and gaming simulation! A superior build quality, stability and comfort, Playseat® also offers a wide assortment of official licensed products. Professional drivers, like Max Verstappen & Sebastian Vettel, acknolwedge the unique Playseat® quality and confirm that Playseat® simulators faithfully reproduce the position and the feeling of driving a real racing car! All racing simulators are compatible with all wheels and pedals on the market.

Playseat® 是世界首屈一指的模擬遊戲賽車架品牌。卓越的制作品質,車架的穩定性及舒適度也同時兼顧。Playseat® 亦為多個誇國品牌合作,推多多款授權產品。國際專業賽車手: Max Verstappen (紅牛車隊)及 Sebastian Vettel (法拉利車隊)皆認同 Playseat® 賽車架的品質而且真正做到賽車駕駛座姿。 其所有賽車架皆適用於巿面上大部份方向盤及腳踏品牌。